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"Premio Carmela Oliviero" per la traduzione letteraria

30 settembre 2017

Laura Mongiardo vince il "Premio Carmela Oliviero" per la traduzione di "Città santa" di Guillermo Orsi (Eden Editori 2015).

Premio per la traduzione “HarperCollins Italia”

30 settembre 2017

Sabrina Deliperi vince il Premio per la traduzione “HarperCollins Italia”- Giornate della traduzione letteraria.

Premio Giovanni, Emma e Luisa Enriques

A Claudia Zonghetti il Premio Enriques delle Giornate della Traduzione letteraria.

Esame di ammissione "Tradurre la letteratura"

Nelle seguenti date si svolgeranno gli esami di ammissione al corso "Tradurre la letteratura"

Venerdì 8 settembre 2017, ore 14.00, Misano Adriatico

Venerdì 29 settembre 2017, ore 11.00, Roma


European School of Literary Translation

An exciting new international initiative dedicated to the training of emerging literary translation teachers. 

ESLT involves four European partner organisations: British Centre for Literary Translation (BCLT), Centre of Expertise for Literary Translation (ELV), University of Rome Link Campus and Fondazione San Pellegrino (Fusp).

ESLT aims to support professional literary translation by creating a sustainable pan-European infrastructure for the education of literary translation teachers. ESLT will contribute to enhancing the quality of literary translations and, consequently, to the promotion of European cultural and literary diversity and the European ideal of a shared European culture.

The first Summer School will take place in Rome, at Link Campus University, Casale di San Pio V, from 12 to 15 September 2017. 

The collaboration is a result of the PETRA-E Network, a European network of institutions dedicated to the education and training of literary translators. This Network continues the work of the PETRA-E Project, funded by Erasmus+ over 2014-2016, which resulted in the PETRA-E Framework ( The PETRA-E Framework for the Education and Training of Literary Translators will be the didactic basis for the ESLT training.

 About the partners

  • The British Centre for Literary Translation (BCLT, is a research centre within the School of Literature, Drama and Creative Writing at the University of East Anglia in Norwich. BCLT is Britain’s leading centre for the study and support of literary translation.
  • The Centre of Expertise for Literary Translation (ELV, is a collaborative venture of the Dutch Language Union, KU Leuven and Utrecht University with the Dutch Foundation for Literature and the Flemish Literature Fund as associated partners. The ELV aims to boost the quality of literary translations from Dutch into other languages and vice versa.
  • The Link Campus University ( is a private university in Rome which stands under the Italian University’s Regulation[DL1] . Its imprint is international due to its history and its calling. Link Campus University combines the English system’s educational strategies with the Italian system’s culture and didactical method. The university has an extended network with international universities and companies.
  • The San Pellegrino Foundation (Fusp, works at an international level in the field of language training and translation studies. Fusp has almost thirty years of experience in the field of academia. Founded in 1987, the Scuola Superiore per mediatori linguistici (SSML) of Misano Adriatico in Rimini offers an internationally recognised BA in language mediation.


ESLT 2017 

Rome (Italy), 2017, 12-15 September


P R O G R A M 

- Subject to modifications -


Day 1: Tuesday September 12 Arrivals

  • Arrivals, check-in

 Evening Program: 8.30-10 pm (Royal Dutch Institute at Rome, Via Omero, 00197, Rome)


  • Presentation ESLT by STEFANO ARDUINI
  • Presentation program by PHILIEP BOSSIER
  • Main focus: how to improve my teaching awareness, skills and practice
  • Presentation participants
  • Pitch-moment: what is LT for me, how am I hoping to benefit from the event
  • Choosing respondents for the key-notes
  • Choosing coaches for participants


Day 2, Wednesday September 13: TEACHING (ONLINE) DIDACTICS (Link Campus University, Via del Casale di San Pio V 44, Rome)

Morning: 9- 12 a.m         Chair: DUNCAN LARGE

  • Key-Note 1: ROS SCHWARTZ - Training LT: approaches, state of the art (teaching/ Didactics)
  • Respondent
  • Outcome 1: discussions,
  • Outcome 2: gathering problematics, formation groups around topics


Afternoon 3 - 6 pm

  • Staff ESLT: presentation Framework/ Skills/ PETRA-E Reference by PHILIEP BOSSIER
  • Work/ tasks/ Skill-Lab


Evening (6:30 - 8 p.m) Chair: STEFANO ARDUINI

  • Key-note  2Theory of Literary Translation (GIULIANA SCHIAVI)
  • Respondent
  • Drink / Social program


Day 3, Thursday September 14: REVISION AND EDITING PROCESS

Morning 9-12 am: Chair: PHILIEP BOSSIER

  • Key-note 3 on Revision and Editing Process: GIOVANNA SCOCCHERA
  • group discussions/workshop
  • Case-study 1/group: Philiep Bossier (ELV, Utrecht)  
  • Case-Study 2/group: Duncan Large (BCLT)
  • Case-Study 3/group (Stefano Arduini, FUSP)

Afternoon 3-6 pm: group discussions/workshop with G. SCOCCHERA

  • Discussing case-study 1 using theory LT and transfer to teaching applications
  • Idem case 2
  • Idem case 3

    Conclusions of these sessions (6:30-8 pm) PHILIEP BOSSIER 


Evening: free


Day 4,  Friday September 15: EVALUATION AND ASSESSMENT

Morning: 9-12 am

  • Work on portfolio: self-analyses teaching techniques, progress and development
  • 11-13 Key-note 4: HENRI BLOEMEN: practical issues for monitoring LT
  • Respondent and lunch with key-note


Afternoon (3-5 pm): 

  • work on personal portfolio
  • deadline submitting personal portfolio to Staff (3 p.m)


Evening (6:30 - 8 pm): Chair: GIULIANA SCHIAVI 

  • Public presentation of personal portfolio
  • Staff: results and conclusion by PHILIEP BOSSIER and DUNCAN LARGE
  • Groups: evaluations
  • Social program and certificates


Day 5: Saturday September 16:  Departures

For further information contact:




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