Introduction to Creative Writing in English as a Second Language

1st edition

With Elena Traina 

12 weeks: 15th February - 3rd May 2023

Wednesdays: 19.00-21.00


This 12-week online workshop is aimed at writers who want to embark on a journey to discover their authorial voice in English as an additional language. It intends to address the needs of an underserved and growing community of bi/multi/translingual writers coming from a diverse range of sociological backgrounds. 

One of the objectives of this workshop is to change the writers’ perspectives from "writing like a native" to writing authentically, i.e. like a bi/multi/translingual writer infusing their writing with their linguistic and cultural identity, as well as their own personal history. By developing such self-awareness and channelling their "other voice", the bi/multi/ translingual writer challenges their condition of passive consumer of creative and cultural content and takes part in a forum of subversive conversations, contributing to a creolized form of literature embracing difference, experimentation, hybridisation and inventiveness.


How does it work

Each lesson will be divided into two parts, a theoretical overview of fundamental craft and stylistic techniques, followed by sharing of creative submissions. Over the course of 12 weeks, students will submit three short pieces and a final complete short story. The tutor will provide customised feedback to all submissions, plus linguistic support to help students improve their accuracy and find their own writing style.

Along with their creative submissions, students will be asked to write a self-reflective commentary documenting their learning progress, and a short critical commentary of published works by other authors. In class, students will read from a diverse range of international works of fiction featuring native and second-language writers alike, and will be encouraged to share their own reading recommendations and critical analyses with their peers. 


Who is it for?

This course is suitable for both beginners who approach creative writing for the first time and more experienced writers who are familiar with core craft techniques in their own language. The minimum English level required is a sold B2 on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. Your writing skills should be proficient. 



- 3 short creative pieces (max 500 words each) accompanied by a self-reflective commentary (150-250 words)

- 1 complete short story (max 1200 words in total) accompanied by a final self-reflective commentary (250-300 words)

- Optional weekly critical commentaries to published short stories and novels (200-300 words)



1- Page one: genesis of a text

2- Point of view and narrator

3- Character, conflict and characterisation

4- Hearing voices: dialogue

5- Setting: landscape and culture

6- Basic composition tools: scene, description, summary and digression

7- Plot and story structure

8- Theme and subtext

9- Tone and voice of a text

10- Elements of style

11- The multilingual writer

12- Strategies for revision 

Important notice:

This course will only have limited spaced and will rely on shared knowledge and participants’ contribution. Please sign up if you can guarantee your presence and attendance. Lessons will not be recorded and deadlines will be assigned on a first-come-first-served basis.

- Wednesday 15/02

- Wednesday 22/02

- Wednesday 01/03

- Wednesday 08/03

- Wednesday 15/03

- Wednesday 22/03

- Wednesday 29/03

- Wednesday 05/04

- Wednesday 12/04

- Wednesday 19/04

- Wednesday 26/04

- Wednesday 03/05

About your tutor: 

Elena Traina is a writer, translator and researcher in Creative Writing Studies. 

In 2021, she published her debut novel Amarantha with Norwich-based indie publisher Kurumuru Books. In the same year, she was a writer and librarian in residence in Milan as part of the UNESCO City of Literature scheme. She has recently been on a 9-month writing residence in Norfolk Libraries, working on her second novel and leading creative writing workshops in 7 localities in Norfolk. She is now working towards a thesis in Creative Writing Studies at Falmouth University, UK.

As a researcher, she is interested in creative writing in English as a second language, and in conventional and unconventional approaches to teaching creative writing. Her articles on creative writing pedagogy have been published in the Journal of Creative Writing Studies and in NAWE’s magazine Writing in Practice


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