10 giugno 2022

Free Masterclass

Creative Writing in English as a Second Language


with Elena Traina

Nella giornata di lunedì 5 dicembre alle ore 19.30 la FUSP organizza una Masterclass gratuita tenuta dalla scrittrice Elena Traina.

Please join Italian author and researcher Elena Traina for a free Masterclass in Creative Writing in English as a Second Language: Metaphors for Creative Writing Process.

Is writing like gardening, like baking a cake or more like pushing a huge stone out of your doorway? What about writing in English as a Second Language? In this workshop, we will set out to discover our own metaphors for the creative writing process, focusing in our unique voices and identities or multi/translingual writers. We will discuss the impact of metaphors on our readers and ourselves, play with cliché and novel metaphors, and write a brief metaliterary text. For writers with a good command of English as a second language (B2-C2).

Elena Traina is a writer, tutor and researcher in Creative Writing Studies. She has lived in Norwich, UK, for six years, working for a local authority. In 2021, she won a Special Recognition for her first script for a short film The Morning After at the Venice Film Festival; and published her debut novel Amarantha with Kurumuru Books. She is now on a six-month writing residency in Norfolk Libraries, working on her second novel, set in mid-Brexit Great Yarmouth. As a researcher, she is interested in writing creatively in English as a second language, and in conventional and unconventional approaches to teaching Creative Writing in non-anglophone institutions.

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Passcode: 676813

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